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Title: Tarnished Jewels
Post by: FoogooFish on August 03, 2021, 01:07:24 am
The head I chose comes with built-in jewelry that is supposed to change colors based on the metal colors of whatever outfit is worn. This is how my PC looked when she first arrived:
After finding a +1 Wisdom dress and changing into it, the jewelry shifted to the metallic colors of the dress. The problem: the colors have been stuck that way and will not change!


I have tried store-bought outfits, tailoring model purchased outfits, etc. This happened several resets ago, so a reset has not fixed it.
I don't mind as much if the jewelry doesn't work, but can I please get it set back to gold if possible? Caravale needs her gilded jewelry! ;)
Title: Re: Tarnished Jewels
Post by: FoogooFish on August 04, 2021, 11:14:44 pm
I've discovered something!

Logging off and then back in again in Whispering Tree, which happens to be my spawn point - not sure which part is relevant, will change the jewelry pieces to the colors of whatever I'm wearing when I log off. Changing into another outfit will not affect the jewelry unless I log off and on again.

This does not have to be a from-desktop relog, either; I was able to do this by logging to the start menu and then choosing Netheril again.

Edit: logging off / on again from another location does not produce these results.
Edit2: although I haven't properly tested logging off from other locations. I will do that soon.
Edit3: thanks to Gazebo for testing regular logging off and on. It seems that is the work-around!