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Title: Research on Valstiir History
Post by: Myth on March 21, 2020, 07:16:41 am
*Enters the Valstiir library and wanders around admiring the enormous aquarium for a moment before continuing to having a casual look around picking up a book here and there reading for a few hours before approaching Master Librarian Albert Pendragon*

Master Pendragon,
   I was told this library was the finest in the lands and that it is the place to come if one seeks information. My name is Retzlaff, im just a travelling merchant but I do have a fascination with history in the lands I travel in.
*places a bag of 1000 gold coins on the counter in front of him* Consider this a donation to such a fine vault of history. As a merchant I understand the value of time but If I could have a few moments of yours it would be much appreciated.

I've heard much of the story about the conflict of two archmages, in fact I have read the book that is here in the library several times; quite thrilling a thrilling read, good verse evil, ancient creatures verse heroes of the land.
Was Archmage Valstiir the current Lady in rule or was it perhaps her mother? Does the title Archmage of Valstiir get passed down through a royal blood line? I was having issues finding how long ago such an extravagant battle took place. Rumours say that the current Lady Valstiir is over 200 years old!
*chuckles slightly before waving a dismissive hand* Of course you would never catch me asking her such a question even if such a chance arose, every gentleman knows to never ask a lady's age unless you wish her wrath.
The book also stated that this archmage Roz'dha used necromancy, such a vile magic, and that he even achieved lichdom! Is it safe to assume there was once two enclaves here? and since the fall of his enclave to the ground, was it ever proven with evidence that this evil lich was obliterated by the sun-rays?
Also what is this Mythallar place the book talked about? The details on it were very vague and mysterious.
Title: Re: Research on Valstiir History
Post by: Rainman on March 22, 2020, 12:25:50 am
* he takes the coin quickly and places in behind the counter *

' You have many question and I will do my best to answer them. I will refer you to the books to conduct your research but because of you donation I will give you some key information you seek that I am aware of. '

* he starts to write some notes on a parchment *

- Lady Valstirr raised her Enclave many years ago, employed three noble houses to build and support the day to day running of her citadel.

- The family history of Lady Valstiir is in a restricted section, at our Lords request

- Archmage Roz'dha did attempt to take control of the lands that the Valstiir Enclave held, that being Hadrian plus surrounding lands. This town and lands supplied the enclave to this day.

- Archmage Valstiir used her Sunlight weapon to destroy the Roz'dha Enclave, with the aid of the adventuring populous. Archmage Roz'dha was killed.

- A Mythallar is at the heart of an Enclave/Citadel. It powers the enclave and is the most powerful magic device in the land. Currently Lady Valstiir has locked down her Estate which holds her Mythallar.

' Hope that helps '

Title: Re: Research on Valstiir History
Post by: Myth on March 25, 2020, 10:52:13 pm
*slowly goes over the notes and nods to himself as he reads them*
   Fascinating master Librarian, simply fascinating! I am glad that such an evil was removed from this world. I'd hate to think what things would be like if it were allowed to remain. Certainly we are all much safer and sleep better at night, but of course I still deal with the occasional bandit who thinks travelling merchants are weak and won't defend themselves.

*raising his eye brows in surprise at the mention of the sunlight weapon*

Surly you jest at this! Is Archmage Valstiir truly that powerful?! To destroy an entire enclave and its own archmage in the process is no small feat, in fact some would even say it might nearly rival the power of a god!
However I find it strange that the family history is restricted. Most royal and noble family histories that I've looked through would be eager to promote such power to the world. Not just for show of strength but for future confederations or amalgamations. *continues to ramble* From my experience I have found when a family hides their lineage and history its usually due to.... *shakes his head* forgive me master Librarian, sometimes i begin to ramble when I get so caught up in historical conjecture.
*looks at the librarian for a moment then clears his throat as his tone becomes more business-like*
You know, I would be willing to make another sizable donation if I were allowed to take a look at the family lineage, such a fine vault of  history if certainly worth it. *waves a hand in a dismissive gesture* Of course no one would know or ever find out about such a thing if one was allowed to take a look. 

// If I am allowed to take a look at the family history, please message me via discord regarding donation size and information I learn
Title: Re: Research on Valstiir History
Post by: Rainman on March 27, 2020, 11:47:59 am
* he reaches for a book *

This is the story of the great battle against the Orc tribes at Southbank. Not long after the settlement was build, it came under attack from the Orc tribes everyday. Hitting the weak points in the settlements defences.

Lady Valstiir sent in a young Lord Jacques Dukarrus to hold the Orcs. A plaque sits under his statue to this day.

' In Memroy of Jacques Dukarrus

Died in the battle for Southbank, on the Old Battle fields against hoards of Orcs, defending the gate until reinforcements arrived. '

The reinforcements were not men but the Valstiir Enclave, where Lady Valstiir used her newly made Sun Weapon to carved a large chasm into the ground between Southbank and the Orc tribes killing many. This left one access point to the Orcs which was the now Old Battle Field where the battle raged and the Orc were pushed back into the mines and hills behind Southbank. The chasm remains to this day ... over grown but a reminder of the power of the Enclave.

* he puts the book back ... *

Now on that other matter ... lets have some tea. We can talk about your request and this sizeable donation.

// we will do some rolls and RP in the Library this weekend ... if you like
Title: Re: Research on Valstiir History
Post by: Rainman on April 15, 2020, 10:33:53 am
Maybe some exotic tea would go down well ...

But I have the reference information you seek

Albert Pendragon, Master Librarian